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Circlework is a form of physical and mental exercise. My name is Chris Newell and I aim to train clients to learn healthy movement habits and develop healthy nervous systems. Basically, Circlework is a form of whole-body exercise based on the principles and practices of modern sports science and mindfulness techniques. If this sounds attractive to you, welcome, please read on.

At Circlework we exercise for longevity, regardless of your age or your current fitness, we will do an assessment, set goals and then progressively train towards those goals. Some goals will take more time to reach than others.

I offer three different modalities to train with; strength and conditioning drills, slow yoga, and Qi Gong. The training process will always be safe and will focus on developing stability and strength in your structure followed by the ability to move freely within your natural range of movement.

Circlework exercise involves the mind and the body and cultivates a sense of calm relaxation as well as physical health and vigor.

Circlework is low impact, gentle, functional and accessible. Circlework exercise is very practical and can be taught, practiced and applied in almost all forms of movement. Circlework exercise uses basic mindful movement skills applied to three different modalities. Together we can investigate these movement practices and find a mix of exercise that suits you.

Circlework cultivates a sense of calm relaxation and physical vigor. Circlework teaches you, regardless of age or capacity, a set of lifelong movement skills that I call High Performance Aging. Circlework helps to train the whole body and mind.

Circlework develops muscle tone and coordination as well as interoception, proprioception and balance. Circlework includes innercise as well as exercise. The innercise involves building resilience of the nervous system, developing a normal default state of parasympathetic homeostasis, a rest and digest or tend and befriend state. In other words, relaxed physically and mentally with a calm and clear mind.

If you are new to this type of exercise you really need to give yourself at least 10 sessions in order to experience the positive benefits. Discuss your goals with me and together we will come up with a realistic training plan to reach those goals. We can work together in a generalized strength and conditioning program or focus on your specific goals, for example optimal balance.

If you are new to exercise or recovering from an injury, you may want to discuss your plans with your doctor or relevant health care professional.

Please ensure that your instructor is informed of any issue that you think may impact on your enjoyment of Circlework.

It’s how you feel - not how you look, alignment revisited

Circlework Training is about reaching your health and fitness goals as safely as possible. Establishing good posture and movement habits is the foundation of that journey.

The object of Circlework Training is healthy functional activity over the long term. The length of time it takes to reach training goals will be different depending on each individual’s current condition and specific goals. As previously mentioned Circlework Training is both a mental and a physical activity and the correct mix to reach your goals will be different for every individual.

Circlework will help you build both physical and mental resilience. Resilience is the ability to quickly and effectively respond to physical and mental stress and ideally default to a relaxed calm physical and mental state. Stress can be both good or bad, both will have different effects on your health if they are not balanced. The stress of resistance training will build strength, whereas the stress of poor physical organisation can result in short or long term likelihood of physical harm, usually around joints.

Please take time to read the Safety information. Your safety is my priority and understanding the safety culture of Circlework.Training is an important part of the training process and working together.

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