Safety first

All movement and fitness activities carry some risk of injury but learning mindful movement habits builds resilience and minimizes this likelihood. At Circlework we call this High Performance Ageing, a set of fundamental skills that are widely useful movement skills which can be transferred to and support all of your lifestyle activities. It’s never too late, or too early, to start developing good habits that improve the way you feel and move.

What is the connection between mindful movement and safe practice? How do we connect to our physical (and mental) center and use that as a safe reference point?

Circlework is gentle and very accessible. Circlework cultivates a sense of calm relaxation and physical vigor. The training program involves progressive overload and adaptation to improve our stability, strength and mobility including range of control.

None of the exercises practiced in Circlework require large amounts of force and Circlework is a low-risk physical exercise. Nevertheless, if you are new to exercise you may want to discuss your plans with your doctor or relevant health care professional.

If you are new to exercise or have some pre-existing health issues it is advisable to discuss your training plans with your doctor or allied health professional. Please complete this Australian Adult Pre Exercise Screening Tool self assessment as an initial guide.

How do Injuries Occur?

All physical activity and movement have risks and can cause injuries.

Injuries can occur from trauma via an external stimulus that the body is unprepared for, e.g. Falling, twisting, unintended impact, lack of control at speed, repetitive stress (gradual onset and cumulative over time) and loss of function and or poor health in general.

In general injuries occur due to the following;

  1. A general lack of preparation around the exercise at hand, poor overall conditioning
  2. A lack of strength to undertake the exercise at hand and maintain stability while doing the exercise, i.e. collapsing under external or body weight
  3. Poor movement habits that load joints with excessive tension, joints are designed to move in specific patterns, if these patterns are altered then the function of the joint can be compromised. E.g. knee tracking over toes.
  4. Poor proprioception and interoceptive capabilities
  5. Excessive passive stretching that weakens the connective tissues around our joints

One object of practicing Circlework is learning how to practice safely within your limits and mindfully develop lifelong skills that cultivate health and vitality. You will never be asked to do something that you do not want to do. There will always be the possibility to modify an exercise so that you feel comfortable. You will be encouraged to provide feedback on your experiences if you want to.

All safety guidelines follow the general advice of Fitness Australia of which Chris Newell is a member (registered gym instructor and personal trainer).

Where possible we will train outdoors. Why do we train outdoors in parks? The basic philosophy of ZXD/ILC has its roots in Taoist philosophy. The Tao, meaning 'The Way', refers to the energy that flows through everything. The Tao regulates natural processes and nourishes balance (read Finding Neutral). Practicing outside gives us a direct connection to the natural ever changing phenomena of weather, a core concept in Taoism. Recognizing the energy around this connection will develop sensitivity and our capacity for interoceptive reflection. Overall the long term effect of being connected with nature is nourishing to the mind and body.

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