Finding Neutral

Using neutral as a reference point | 9 July 2021

Neutral is a concept that implies balance and being centered. In Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan we practice to find neutral points and then use them as reference points. For example we move away from our center rather than move toward a limit. It’s a subtle but significant difference in perspective. And taken in the context of safe practice it makes excellent sense because you learn to become self regulating based on how you feel. The practice becomes inherently safe and will generate long term benefits associated with High Performance Aging (ref). 

The object of training is to make physical changes, and we want to manage that change without generating trauma injury or repetitive strain injury. It’s your body, your choice, your responsibility, this training is both mental and physical, they go together. is inclusive, accessible and sustainable and focused on generating the long term benefits associated with High Performance Aging. follows the sports science methodology of identifying goals and then making gradual progressions over time towards those goals. The process involves organizing and activating the physical structure and alignment, first developing stability, then strength and then safe movement habits. You will get stronger and improve your balance while practicing relaxation and cultivating a sense of calm. 

Nervous system training is an integral part of, establishing a habit of calm homeostasis helps to make the neuroplastic changes that accompany the physical improvements from training. First the nervous system changes, then your muscles, then the connective tissue. These changes can take several months to occur. includes lots of cross lateral and contra lateral movements, these stimulate cross brain connections and this contributes to an overall sense of mental balance. One unique training drill of Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan is called spinning hands and these drills help to unify the whole body and reinforce the hand to core connection.

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