Is the pause more important than the pose?

6:00 AM - 8:00 AM

7 August 2022 - 10 August 2022


Jayes Road, Balingup, WA.

A running workshop over 4 days next week starting Sunday August 7 at 2 - 4pm. We will be training in the rotunda at Origins Centre, Balingup.

Think of slow yoga as innercise as compared to exercise.

Part of my approach to slow yoga is the ability to use the feeling of being neutral or balanced as a reference point. Read this blog Finding Neutral.

Slow mindful movement is a great way to train awareness and cultivate calm. We will investigate the intersection between proprioception and interoception and include deliberate pauses to check in on how we are feeling. Slow movement dampens down proprioceptive feedback and allows subtler interoceptive feelings to arise.

Slow yoga creates awareness as we pay attention to the intersection between proprioception and interoception. Awareness is more focused with slow movement. The pause is as important as the pose.

Slow mindful asana practice brings awareness to movement and integrates top-down (mental) with bottom-up (somatic) information. With greater awareness, physical, emotional and cognitive information becomes more integrated. Integration leads to balance.

Also training on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 7 - 8am and Tuesday evening at 6 - 8pm.

Sunday 7 Aug: 2-4pm

Monday 8 Aug: 7-8am

Tuesday 9 Aug: 7-8am

Tuesday 9 Aug: 6-8pm

Wednesday 10 Aug: 7-8am

You are welcome to come anytime. Safe, inclusive and gentle, suitable for everybody. Fee by dana.

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