Future-proof your practice

9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

5 May 2022 - 9 June 2022


Yoga Moves and Movement Centre, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park, 6008

If you have ever wondered how practicing qi gong can benefit your practice, these classes are for you. We will cover fundamentals that apply across all movement modalities. These skills are safe and accessible and are specifically designed for long term use and health benefit!

In this workshop series you will learn how to organise and activate a yin body state on demand and help to future-proof your lifelong somatic practice.


·         We will explore the notion of being centred and using that centre as a reference for standing still or moving, you move away from and back to your centre, learn how you stay connected at all times.

·         We will access the fascial system via a series of organisation and activation exercises and discuss the implications of these activations for long term safe practice and development. This course will help you build movement confidence, stability, balance and strength and minimise repetitive strain and stress induced injuries.

·         We will use those exercises to develop a foot to core and a hand to core connection and then unify those feelings into a whole-body sensation that we can convert into a softer yin state on demand as required.

·         We will explore this practice by using a mix of movement modalities including hatha yoga, qi gong and modern sports science. The training will involve slow, subtle movements drawing from the ancient traditions of hatha yoga and qi gong supported by the safety and anatomical considerations and training progressions of modern sports science. Once you learn this approach you can internalise your practice and adapt your somatic activities to your individual physical and mental health needs for the rest of your life.

Each class is one hour long and will include some theory and tuning drills followed by a short qi gong and or yoga sequence to demonstrate the class theme. None of this training involves the use of excessive force or strong holds, this practice is suitable for all levels. Please see my Safety Blog and the course synopsis below. These classes will be held in person at Yoga Moves, Shenton Park and on ZOOM as well.

Over the period of this current pandemic, more than ever we have come to appreciate the benefits of a regular physical practice. Learn some of the fundamentals that will future-proof your physical practice and minimise repetitive strain and stress induced injuries.

Practice to support your nervous system resilience and develop physical vitality. Resilience is the capacity to quickly and effectively respond to stressors (internal, external, physical and psychological) and return to a state of balance and clarity.

This slow intentional breath centred practice and these fundamental organisation and activation drills are suitable for experienced practitioners or for someone intending on establishing a new practice.

A yin body state is characterised by a calm relaxed demeanour associated with a fullness and vitality. A yin body state is associated with an ability to recognise the intersection between your proprioceptive and interoceptive feelings. This skillful movement practice will have a positive stabilising effect on your nervous system as well as your overall health and vigour.

Everyone knows physical activity and a variety of movement habits are good for the body, mind and spirit. Many people make the time and commitment to practice regularly in groups or on their own as a pro lifestyle choice.

This course will help you build movement confidence, stability, balance and strength and minimise repetitive strain and stress induced injuries. Above all; enjoy the journey, the process of our practice should ultimately be enjoyable and fun and a learning growing experience.

If we plan on practicing somatic bodywork, e.g. yoga and qi gong, all of our lives we want to practice in a safe, accessible and sustainable way that is fun and creative and widely applicable.

Modern bodywork is focusing on how to engage the whole body in our practice and lives as compared to isolating muscles and individual connective tissues. One way to connect holistically is to learn how to engage and activate the fascial system. As well we will ask ourselves the question “What is your reference for moving?” and will answer by finding our centre and then using that centre as a reference, we always try and stay connected to our centre and learn how to naturally default back to your centre.

We will practice a series of progressive mind, body and breath drills to help you feel your body at the fascial level. Activate your whole body (physical and energetic), increase your movement confidence, stability, balance and strength, and use your breath and get your energy moving and so you feel more energetic and vital.

Thursday evenings starting May 5, 5:30-6:30pm, for 6 wks. All the classes are at Yoga Moves and Movement Centre, 45 Evans Street, Shenton Park, 6008. These classes will be held in person and on ZOOM as well.

The fee for this course is $150 for 6 x 1hr classes. Please pay via the payment/donation button on the Home page. Thank you for your support.

Please read my blog on Safety.

Course Synopsis

Class 1, 5/5/22

Introduction, the big picture and how we prepare for practice, respect.

A Yin body state - It's a feeling. Recognize the difference between internal innercise vs external exercise and the intersection of proprioception and interoception. Relax. Yin, yang and neutral.

What is your reference point for moving? Finding your centre and unifying your mental, physical and spiritual aspects. Breath as spirit.

Gravity and polarity, centre of gravity and mass, vertical alignment and activation up the back line.

Practice some Qi Gong centering drills.

Class 2, 12/5/22

Review and prepare for practice, finding your centre.

Stillness and movement, the six directions and the three planes.

Foot to core connection, organise and activate your leg lines for standing postures and balance poses.

Practice some Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana 2) left and right transitions.

Class 3, 19/5/22

Review and breathe. Absorb and project and stillness and movement.

Hand to core connection, organise your shoulder joints and arm lines, going to the floor.

Practice table top (Chakravakasana) variations.

Class 4, 26/5/22

Review absorb and project and add condense and expand.

Open and stand (Zhan Zhuang), Yin and Yang sides of the body.

Class 5, 2/6/22

Review absorb and project, condense and expand and breathing

Whole body fascial lines.

Practice Qi Gong

Class 6, 9/6/22

Review absorb and project, condense and expand and breathing

Whole body fascial lines.

Practice yoga vinyasa.

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