Same shape, different feeling - cultivating a Yin body state

Activate and organise your asana/qi gong | 13 January 2022

Investigate the intersection between freestyle vinyasa krama and I Liq Chuan qi gong. Starting Saturday morning, February 5, 10am-11am for 10 weeks over the school semester. Meet at the Robert Thompson Reserve, Morley and look for the yellow agility pole.

We will be training outside. There is cover if required. Bring your mat and any other props you like to use. It depends on the group but otherwise we will be primarily practicing standing up. We will train for 60 minutes and we will follow a workshop format.

Cost. The event fees are by dana. Dana is often taken to simply mean donation or gift. Each participant arrives at the amount of dana voluntarily.

Underneath the choreography of tai chi qi gong movement are a set of internal feelings. Over 4 weeks we will investigate the intersection between slow mindful yoga and tai chi qi gong type movement. We will cultivate our proprioception and interoception skills.

My yoga inspiration comes from Subtle Yoga and Denise Yoga Co. The freestyle vinyasa krama practice is slow and intentional, it can be strong. I learned my I Liq Chuan from Master Sam Chin and my Sifu, Shane O'Donnell.

I Liq Chuan is a martial art of awareness based on feeling. It teaches being able to recognize the conditions as they are and change with the change so you experience the feeling of being present, formless and neutral. In order to do so the art invites you to explore the question "how are you connected and how do you feel?" The art has solo practice as well as partner drills.

I Liq Chuan is gentle and very accessible. I Liq Chuan cultivates a sense of calm relaxation and physical vigor, mental and physical resilience.

There is an intersection between Taoist somatic arts and yoga asana and vinyasa. I Liq Chuan is a mindful movement practice with some very clear language around Taoist movement principles and concepts. I Liq Chuan is safe, inclusive and easy to learn; everyone can benefit.

Imagine a slow, mindful breath-centered practice with the internal energetics to match! These principles and concepts are directly transferable to vinyasa krama.

Styles are the process of achieving the same thing. As the yoga practice of asana evolves there is an opportunity to internalize the practice to suit where we are, we can learn to have a safe and challenging practice that suits our body and our lifestyle. As compared to an external practice aspiring to meet someone else’s goals, via the restrictions of a particular style (read set of rules).

I Liq Chuan aspires to being physically and mentally present, formless and neutral, including qualities of a calm and relaxed mind regardless of the physical effort of practice.

I Liq Chuan can:

  • Illustrate how to develop structural integrity and a whole-body frame to establish rock solid stability and set up for safe static and moving patterns.
  • Teach you how to practice organizing and activating your fascial lines to build whole body strength and power.
  • Teach you how to integrate your breathing with your movement.
  • Develop whole body connections like foot to core, hand to core, hand to foot and visa versa mix of connections. These whole-body connections direct force over a number of joints rather than localizing stress in a single joint.
  • Help you to use your muscles in an intelligent whole-body way, to minimize repetitive strain type injuries and reduce unhelpful stress and force on joints.

These 10 weeks will be a very interesting introduction. Message me to discuss options that may include instructing large or small groups, workshop formats or private training. If you are a studio owner or manager I'm happy to book in a complimentary workshop at your studio to give you and your community a feel.

Please take time to read my Safety Page for some useful context to my approach to training.

Part of Activate your asana series.

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