Morley Noranda Recreation Club Term 1 - 2023

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

2 January 2023 - 4 April 2023


Morley Noranda Recreation Club. 85 McGilvray Ave, Noranda WA 6062

New term starts Tuesday Jan 31. BYO props.

Safe and accessible.

Tuesday afternoon 4:30 and 5:45 in the Snug, and Friday 9am and Saturday 8:45am outside the front of the Club.


Working up a short 10 minute morning practice.

Make a commitment to practice and try for an easy routine. Keep it short but full.

Start with a full body axial extension followed by back and side extensions and forward folds.

Step out to squat and W2 L&R.

Repeat, go slow and connect to your breath.

  1. Start in open Tadasana and connect to your alignment, your center of gravity and the feeling on the sole of your foot. Push up the back line and lift the head, drop down the front and settle on an easy breath. Relax and alert, drop the red meat and let your fascial system fill.
  2. Activate your legs and establish a foot to core connection and then practice quad dominate squats. Sink and lift your arms over your head, interlace your fingers and point at the cardinal vertical point, relax the neck and shoulders, release the fingers, press and pull, drop the elbows.
  3. Forward fold and activate your legs, halfway lift, forward fold, grab a ball and straighten up using your legs to lift and then press down to push your torso vertical. Repeat and add arm activations.
  4. Step into squat, three points of alignment, knees over toes! Arms horizontal and breath easy. Skin and gather and lift.
  5. Rotate to long side stance, organise your foot to core concretion for W2, extend and project your arms in the horizontal.
  6. Sink back to neutral, go to squat, and repeat other side.
  7. Step back to tadasana and repeat vinyasa.

I'll try and add some photos.

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