Activate your whole body from the ground up

10:00 AM - 5:00 AM

17 October 2024 - 19 October 2024


Origins Centre Jayes Road, Balingup, WA

Discover the serene wonders of the forest as you embark on a restorative journey filled with relaxed and friendly vibes. Step into a weekend escape dedicated to nurturing your mind and body through slow, mindful movement that focuses on organizing and activating your whole body from the ground up.

Yogis have been asking about the cost of this weekend retreat.

Single and shared accommodation is available. There is an accommodation deposit of $60 on booking. Facilitator cost is by dana, or fair exchange, think $150 +/- $50, ask if you are unsure. More booking info at the end of this post.

Led by the experienced and like-minded duo, Bevie Barker and Chris Newell, this unique workshop invites you to explore the profound connection between your feet and your core. Throughout the weekend, we'll employ a range of movement modalities, including Slow Yoga, Feldenkrais, and Qi Gong, to gently unite the foot-to-core connection, extending it and ultimately experiencing a sense of whole-body harmony.

Central to our approach is the concept of interoception - the profound awareness of our internal bodily state. By engaging in slow, mindful movement practices, we cultivate a deep sense of interoceptive awareness. This heightened awareness allows for both bottom-up and top-down self-regulation, empowering the nervous system to naturally find balance and return to a state of calm. As you learn to identify and understand how you feel, you'll discover the ability to make more informed and positive choices in life.

Throughout the workshop, we'll delve into the exploration of fascial activation from a proprioceptive and interoceptive perspective. Our aim is to establish a profound integration of the whole-body biotensegrity model. Slow Yoga, inspired by Subtle Yoga, Feldenkrais, and I Liq Chuan Qi Gong, inspired by Zhong Xin Dao I Liq Chuan, form the foundation of our bodywork modalities. Emphasizing slowness and mindfulness, these practices are ideal for cultivating interoception and fostering a deep sense of self-awareness.

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