This Summer at Morley Noranda Recreation Club

Everyone Welcome | 29 October 2022

In association with the Morley Noranda Recreation Club, Chris Newell will lead a slow gentle style of Tai Chi outdoors at the Noranda Nook.

Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise suited for everyone and everybody.

The slow mindful moment of Tai Chi helps to integrate the body and the mind.

Learn how to calm and balance your body and mind and centre yourself.

The gentle 3D stretching promotes a whole-body activation.

Some of the health benefits of practicing Tai Chi are:

Social connection

Balance and coordination including Falls Prevention

Muscle toning, more strength and more endurance

Joint mobilisation to increase you range of control

Muscle toning and fascial line activation

Suitable for all levels.


My name is Chris Newell and I am a new member of MNRC and would like to offer some of my fitness skills to the mix of activities here at the club. I live locally and I am interested in forming a Tai Chi group here at the Club. I aim to train clients to learn healthy movement habits and develop healthy nervous systems.

I teach a form of whole-body exercise called Circlework. Circlework is based on the principles and practices of modern sports science and mindfulness techniques. Tai Chi is an excellent example of an exercise that benefits our bodies are well as our minds.  

With Circlework I teach safe moment patterns with the training goal of High Performance Aging. Our main training goal is better health so we want to minimise injury and maximise vitality.

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