Taoist Yoga

There is an intersection between Taoist somatic arts and yoga vinyasa | 31 May 2022

Are you ready to add something different to your vinyasa practice? Something really good for your health and well being? Taoist Yoga is different. It’s safe, inclusive, fun and compatible with contemporary yoga. Learn how fundamental Qi Gong movement principles can be applied to vinyasa krama.

There is an intersection between Taoist somatic arts and yoga asana and vinyasa. Behind the choreography of qi gong movement are a set of internalised feelings that can be used a reference for moving. Imagine a slow, mindful breath centric practice with the internal qi gong energetics to match! These principles and concepts are directly transferable to vinyasa krama.

Taoist Yoga is based on the principles of I Liq Chuan.  It is a mindful movement practice with some very clear language around Taoist principles and concepts. Taoist Yoga is safe, inclusive and easy to learn. Watch this space and follow Circlework Training on FB.

As the yoga practice of asana evolves there is an opportunity to internalise the practice to suit where we are as individuals. Taoist Yoga is an internal practice, empowering your practice based on how you feel as compared to external practices aspiring to meet someone else’s goals via the restrictions of a particular style.

Taoist Yoga aspires to being physically and mentally present, formless and neutral. These are qualities of a calm and relaxed mind regardless of the physical effort of practice.

Taoist Yoga can:

·         Illustrate how to develop the structure and a whole-body frame to establish rock solid stability and set up for safe static or moving patterns.

·         Cultivate a Yin body state characterised by a general feeling of calm relaxed awareness.

·         Teach you how to practice organising and activating your fascial lines to build whole-body strength and power.

·         Develop whole body connections like foot to core, hand to core, hand to foot and visa versa mix of connections. These whole-body connections direct force over a number of joints rather than localising stress in a single joint.

·         Help you to use your muscles in an intelligent whole-body way, minimise repetitive strain type injuries and reduce unhelpful stress and force on joints.

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