SHIBASHI 18 forms

Shibashi is a series of 18 energy-enhancing exercises | 29 May 2022

Shibashi (meaning 18 in Mandarin and pronounced sher baa sher) is a series of 18 energy-enhancing exercises that co-ordinate movement with breathing and concentration. It is a gentle, beautiful and flowing Tai Chi Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing for people of any age. Shibashi was a contemporary form of Tai Chi Qigong developed by Professor Lin Hou Sheng in 1979. Shibashi is designed to improve the general health and well being of the practitioner. The gentle rocking motions and stretching movements improve circulation and digestion.

Here is a Shibashi manual covering the 18 movements in detail written by Master Wing Cheung and he demonstrates below.

And this is another example of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1 with Karen Soo

This is a good example of the condense expand cycle of chi flow.....

This example by Simon Blow has some good instruction to help absorb/project or condense/expand...

This is quite an abbreviated of form of Shibashi, the moves are shortish......notice the hip shifting at 2:00 is not horizontal....strong breathing too and there is a lot of up and down shifting

Here is a seated form of Shibashi....

I have made some notes below on the First 18 interpreted with a  Zhong Xin Dao approach.  


Vertical alignment and connect to the breath. Open the joints, bounce, sink the red meat and center and connect to the breath.

1) Absorb and Project, Commencing Form

In the vertical plane.

2) Absorb, Open/Project, Close/Absorb, Project: Opening the Chest

Absorb in the vertical, Open on the horizontal, close on the horizontal and project in the vertical.

3) Half moon, Dancing with Rainbows

Axial extension with a lateral hip shift, L&R.

4) Circles opposite and up the middle down the side, Separating the Clouds

In the vertical and lateral planes, up the middle, include A/P, A to the H and P to the V.

5) A/P, Sagittal and split, Rolling the Arms

Like Repulse Monkey, focus on H hip rotation. Kick up (pull hand down) on opposite to palm strike

6) Circles opposite and up the side lateral and down the middle, Rowing the Boat

In the vertical and lateral planes, up the side lateral, include A/P.

7) Double paired arm swing L&R, Holding the Ball

Transition through open tadasana and swing up to lateral and back to 45^. Offering tea,

Keep alignment and use hip rotation.

8) Gazing at the moon

9) Palm push down lateral plane, Pushing Palms While Turning Waist

Transition to hold the ball open tadasana and then push the upper hand down the opposite lateral plane. Rotate back to hold the ball and repeat opposite side.

Keep alignment and use hip rotation.

10) Wave Hands in Clouds


11) Turn and step to 45^, Scoop the Sea and Look at the Sky

Hip shift with hasta mudra up the middle and swing arms around. L&R.

12) Turn and step to 45^, Pushing Waves

Two hand press, L&R. Absorb/project in the sagital plane

13) Turn and step to 45^, Flying Dove Spreads It’s Wings

Absorb/project in the horizontal plane, L&R.

14) Punching

Squat and punch L&R. Horizontal hip rotation.

15) Toe Stand, Flying Wild Goose

Raise and lower arms in the lateral V, add A/P.

16) Full double circles, Spinning the Wheel

A/P, L&R, loop at the cardinal points.

17) Step ups, March the Bouncing Ball

Contra lateral marching.

18) Chakra washing, Pressing the Palms

Up and down the middle.

Close and stand

 Connect to the breath.

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