One Step Tai Chi

Practice for confined spaces | 23 July 2021

You can practice any style of Tai Chi anywhere any time you have the opportunity using the One Step Tai chi approach.

Tai chi is a safe form of exercise suitable for all ages. Tai chi is slow and soft (i.e. low impact) so it's ideal for individuals who a require gentle minimally stressful form exercise. Tai chi is very good for optimal balance training.

Circlework uses a modified Yang style of tai chi to teach and demonstrate the principles of One Step Tai Chi. Below are two classic short forms of Yang style tai chi.

One step Tai Chi basically uses about 1 m square so the style can be practiced in confined spaces. You step away from and return to a central point requiring less space rather than travelling as in the video above.

One Step Tai Chi is ideal for the office or the kitchen or other spaces where you want to practice but also want to keep it low key, say in an air port while travelling.

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